Credit investment bank Dubai

CIB Dubai

Credit Investment Bank (CIB) offers financial assistance to organizations and governments all around the world. We offer advising services to businesses seeking to obtain funds from the general public or from investors. As an investment bank, CIB’s major activities include capital raising, merger and acquisition consulting, financing using long-term debt or equity arrangements, and trading in securities and derivatives such as futures contracts. In terms of fees, CIB Investment Banking in Dubai is exceptionally competitive, and we assure the greatest levels of customer satisfaction and loyalty by delivering quick transaction execution, as well as resolution via portfolio refinancing/redemption or collateralization. Our charge structure is straightforward: we deliver the greatest service available at the most economical price. The services provided vary from creation to issue.

List of Investment Banking Services

·      Public Offering

·      Business Valuation

·      Privatization

·      Mergers and 

·      Equity Fund Raising

·      Assets Securitization

·      Acquisitions

·      Investment and divestiture opportunities

·      Corporate restructuring and reorganization

·      Private Investment Fund

·      Equity Capital Markets (Equity Advisory)

·      Debt Capital Markets

·      Mergers & Acquisitions

·      Financial Restructuring

·      Strategic Advisory

·      Capital Structure Advisory

·      Islamic Finance

·      Government Advisory

·      Project Finance & Infrastructure Advisory