Investment Banking & Corporate Advisory

Credit Investment Bank provides financial advice to corporations and governments worldwide.  We provide advisory services to companies who are looking to raise capital from the public or from investors. The primary activities of CIB as an investment bank include capital raising, merger and acquisition advisory, financing with long-term debt or equity arrangements and trading in securities as well as derivatives such as futures contracts. CIB Investment Banking is highly competitive in terms of fees and we ensure the highest levels of client satisfaction and loyalty by providing timely transaction execution, as well as resolution through portfolio refinancing/redemption or collateralisation. Our fee model is very simple – we provide the best possible service at the most reasonable cost. The services offered range from the creation and issuance of financial instruments, such as bonds, notes, and debentures; through the provision of debt financing; to investment advice and portfolio management.

List of Investment Banking Services

  • Public Offering
  • Business Valuation
  • Privatisation
  • Mergers and 
  • Equity Fund Raising
  • Assets Securitisation
  • Acquisitions
  • Investment and divestiture opportunities
  • Corporate restructuring and reorganisation
  • Private Investment Fund
  • Equity Capital Markets (Equity Advisory)
  • Debt Capital Markets
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Restructuring
  • Strategic Advisory
  • Capital Structure Advisory
  • Islamic Finance
  • Government Advisory
  • Project Finance & Infrastructure Advisory

“If you’re looking to invest in the Islamic equity market, but want to ensure that your funds are compliant with Shariah principles,”

CIB’s CEO said, “this is the way to do it.”

CIB also offers Shariah compliant Investment Banking services through its Islamic Window Operation. The Islamic Window Operation is CIB’s Shariah-compliant Investment Banking Business Services. For those looking for a more conservative investment they can get involved with this operation.  This service offers services like Islamic Capital Markets Investing and Fixed Income Investing.  By being a part of this process, CIB helps investors feel secure that their money is going towards an environment that meets all expectations related to Shariah-compliance. Malaysia has always been in the forefront of Islamic banking and finance in the world and, where CIB is headquartered, Labuan International Business & Financial Centre has been intensively supporting and promoting internationalisation of Islamic finance activities throughout the world.
Credit Investment Bank is a boutique financial services firm providing investment banking and capital markets solutions alongside bespoke financial advisory services to its clients across the globe. The Bank is based in Labuan and licensed by Malaysian authorities. Providing a wide range of financing, advisory, and trade finance solutions to corporates, financial institutions, sovereign and agency clients we are experienced in Global markets.  Credit Investment Bank has received its most recent recognition from the Labuan financial Services Authority which was conferred as an authorized institution with approval to operate as an investment bank. Our strong research capabilities enable us to provide tailored solutions for emerging markets including compliance support on a global scale.